Re_learning with Athens

On the 14th of June, i co-moderated a panel discussion during the second installment of the Lecture Series “Re_Learning with Athens” hosted by Prof. Isabell Loery of the University of Kassel. Together with a group of students, i was involved in the preparations of the lecture series since October 2016.

The topic was Solidarity Economies and transnational municipalist movements and Skevos Papaioannou (Kassel), Georgia Bekridaki (Athens), Monserat Galcerán Huguet (Madrid) were invited for the lecture and discussion.

Solidarity Economies actively question established economic and political practices. They open up spaces for radically-democratic practices, even when they operate within the established political-economic frameworks. When the latter are destabilised, as it did in crisis-ridden Greece, the real emancipatory potential of these forms of collective self-organisation becomes evident.

Municipalist movements in Spain aspire the self-organisation of the majority in cities and municipalities. They reject androcentric and liberal forms of political representation and develop new practices of the political as well as care, building on, among others, queer-feminist traditions. The municipalist “storming of the instituions”, thus, constitutes an intriguing experiment, which is worth thinking beyond the confines of the local.

  • Role Moderator
  • For Kassel University
  • Date 14 June 2017
  • Type Q&A Panel
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Athens 2016 (c) Eric Otieno

Athens 2016 (c) Eric Otieno