Transatlantic Exchange Programme

For the 2016/17 cycle, i was selected to participate in the German-American exchange program on the theme “Immigration, Integration, and a New Transatlantic Generation.” As part of this initiative, twenty young leaders from academia, media, business, politics, and society take part in seminars and site visits in Washington D.C and Berlin. The first part of the program in Washington D.C. took place in October 2016, and the second in Berlin in May 2017.

This innovative program seeks to establish new connections between communities growing principally from an immigration background and addresses common challenges of integration such as unemployment, political and societal leadership, and international engagement. Project participants included a core group of young leaders for intensive discussions and also interaction with the broader community of experts and advocates focused on issues of immigration, integration, and cross-cultural understanding.

2016-2017 AICGS Transatlantic Exchnage Participants in Berlin, at the US Embassy (May 2017)

2016-2017 AICGS Transatlantic Exchange Programm Participants in Washington DC, at the German Embassy (October 2016)

AICGS has two primary objectives for the program: (1) to deepen public understanding of the issues and concerns of the largest populations in Germany and the United States with an immigration background; (2) and to build and sustain a network of young leaders committed to transatlantic relations