Re_thinking Africa

Since 2015, i have co-organised and co-facilitated the annual conference series Afrika Neu Denken (Rethinking Africa). For the conferences in 2015, 2016 and 2017, i was the social media Manager, building up and running the Conferences Social Media Channels als Editor

2015 Theme: Decolonialities

For the third edition, we discussed De_colonialities, by way of marking 130 years since the Berlin Conference of 1884 that launched the infamous Scramble for Africa resulting in the formalised colonial domination of most of the Continent.

At the Conference, i made concluding remarks that consisted of personal anecdotes and key takeaways (see Video). I was also responsible for the documentation of the Conference proceedings. The resulting Document is now available on the Conference's Website. Access via Url below.

AND 2015 Schlusswort from IKvu on Vimeo.

2016 Theme: Who owes what to whom?

Likewise in 2016, my colleague Muriel Mben and myself were invited to give concluding remarks for the Conference. These included summarising Key Takeaways and formulating a call to action. We emphasized Accountability for and of the Continent, as an important way of moving beyond the continents turbulent past.

AND 2016 Schlusswort from IKvu on Vimeo.

2017 Theme: The rediscovery of a Continent

The apparent rediscovery of Africa as a Frontier, a Market, a Destination, and a Muse in Germany is obvious. Germany's G20 Presidency 2017 prioritised Africa on its Agenda. What does this mean? And what explains the sudden rekindled interest in a continent so often forgotten? Scroll down for pictures from the 2007 Conference