Image: Larry Achiampong (Copperfield Gallery)

The politics of heritage in South Africa @Mandela100 Image:(c) Image: Work by Emma Wolkau Wanambwa at the 10th Berlin Biennale.

Ishion Hutschinson at the American Academy in Rome (c) Marco Brunelli/Johanne Affricot

Johannesburg, March 2018.

Image: “Onthou Atlantis” by Silas Miami

Keyezua: Fortia 2017. Images: Keyezua |

Libertad 2015. © Eric Otieno

Check Point Sekondi Loco. Installation by Ibrahim Mahama documenta14 – Kassel. Images: Lisa Kolloge

Installation View, Zohra Opoku at Ano Gallery, Accra. Images: Eric Otieno

Image(r): Lisa Kolloge

Installation View, Documenta 14. Images: Eric Otieno

Jomo Kenyatta & Musa Mwariama Image: Info254-Facebook