"Having just arrived from her base in New York, via Switzerland, Nora Chipaumire is settling in, making breakfast in her AirBnB in an area of Rome that tourists rarely venture to when she joins our video call. Unlike the tourists, she doesn’t mind the gritty neighbourhood at all, seeing as it is such neighbourhoods that have often birthed the artforms that Nora engages with in her practise as a performing artist. In Rome for the Short Theatre festival 2019, she and her team are set to perform 100% POP, part of her newest three-part piece #PUNK 100% POP *NIGGA (verbalized as hash tag punk, one hundred percent pop, star nigga), for the first time in Rome, Italy. http://griotmag.com/en/nora-chipaumire-100-pop-nigga-punk-interview/ Image ©Ian Douglas